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Cloud Support

Email, File Sharing & Web

Still working in the stone age?  We'll take away the confusion and secure your business with all the essentials. 

Your IT Dept

Managed Services

Don't let bad IT tackle your bottom line.  Find out how we can become your dedicated & affordable IT department . 


In-Home IT Support

Our Microsoft Certified technicians can help you simplify your PC, Mac, Wifi, Network Smart Home, TV and more.. for less!

New malware is released every 10 seconds

There are at least 560,000 instances of new malware released every day.  We utilize the same platform that enterprises use to block 0-Day threats in real time.  They can't afford to be compromised. Neither should you.

Keeping it Secure.  Keeping it Simple.

Optimal Performance

Our 24/7/365 proactive monitoring helps insure most bugs are resolved before they become a nightmare.

Zero-Day Protection

Protecting your business and client data in real time against malware, the dark web  DDoS, data loss and everything in between.

Help Desk

We won't send you overseas.  If you need help, we're ready to deliver.  Access to friendly help is just a click away.

Birds are just as exposed to unpredictable predators and dangers as you are.  Why?  Because birds can't see what's right in front of them. Due to their eyes only being on the sides of their head.  Businesses all around Gainesville are being bombarded with very real threats that are right in front of them.  And they choose not to see.

Your business is not a bird.  Don't let it become one.


University of Florida
North Florida Regional Medical Center
Florida Trail Association
Greenhouse Church
Avera & Smith
Dollar General

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