Fast, Affordable, On-Site

That's been our motto from the very start! 

Serving the Gator Nation Since '97

On day one, we were managing IT for Fortune 500 branches in Gainesville.  Our business model caught on and we became the IT Dept. for offices locally as well as across FL, GA, TN, KY and AL.  Yes, even Alabama. 

Word of mouth in Gainesville especially began to grow and more local businesses wanted in.  So we made a gamble.  We decided to invest more into Gainesville.  And spoiler... the Swamp didn't let us down!

We formally established Geek³ in 2009 and expanded our services to residential, non profits and small business.  Just in Gainesville.  We took the same Fortune 500 strategy for IT, scaled it way down, and offer those cost-effective strategies for Gainesville.  

Word of mouth is our biggest referral. 

Our team has evolved over the years, but our strategy to be fast, affordable and on-site has remained the same.  We love this town and love love love that we can be a part of it's growth.  

Plain English

If you were looking for high tech geek speak.. you won't find much of it here.  We speak human too.  And that's important! 

But don't let it fool you.  We talk Geek on demand.

Web, DNS and Domains! Oh my!

Most web hosts use low-cost servers and stuff them with thousands of clients. We use SSD servers, in one of the nation's top data centers and only keep a small handful of clients on each. 

Is it overkill?  Yes.
Is it fast?  Most especially.

And you can bring your own website or web designer too.  We just take care of the rest: all the fees, backups, red tape, renewals, DDoS protection, DNS and everything in-between.  

Geek³ LIVE BirdCam

We love Gainesville.  And our birds too.

About Geek3

I'm Erik. I'm a field technician, consultant & geek dad.

Our motto has always been to be "Fast, Affordable and On-Site."  It's on our website and business cards.  But there's another: "Keep it Simple."  

Our clients say this is the main reason they call us back.  It's not that we just get things working.  It's that we try to explain things in a way that is easy to understand.  Keep it Simple.

I started this business in 2009 and it has since grown to thousands of clients from all over Alachua County.  Read more about that here...

We'd love to have you join us if you're looking (business or home).  One thing is for sure.  I love this job.  I love helping others and love that people smile when I show up or laugh when I hear someone talking to one of our techs on the phone.

Technology should be simple!  If you took a look at our smart house, all kinds of things turn on and off automatically (lights, TV, garage)!  And it's all simple things we can do for you too.  Let us help.  🙂  I look forward to seeing you all on the field!